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Feb 4 09 12:41 PM

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I need something that will spring the gate shut after idle people come through and leave it open. Is there a way of maing such a thing or is it best to trot down to the local hardware shop and get one?
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Feb 4 09 12:49 PM

The best gate closing mechanisms are to offset the bottom hinges so that the gate rises slightly as it opens and is self closing. If its a gate already in situ two alternatives on is a good spring from local agricultural merchants. one end on the post one end on the inside of the gate so it stretches as you open. The other is a strong cord or wire attached from post to inside of gate hanging down in a loop with a big stone or weight of some kind attached. When you open the weight is raised and pulls gate shut again.

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Feb 4 09 8:26 PM

Personally, I like the counterweight methods (as a hiker and as someone who's had gates left open). Some of the springs can be a bit heavy to open and can pinch a careless hand. (Rising hinges are great if you're installing a new one, but expensive to retrofit.) The only drawbacks with the counterweight are that you need to keep the area around the post free from weeds or it can get hung up and not close properly, and that you need to ensure it can't be tied up or wedged anywhere on purpose to keep the gate open.

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Mar 14 13 9:18 AM

 I have also the same problem my father and brother always in hurry they cannot close door sometime or they forget to close the door. I get perfect solution for this problem. We install automatic Gate Closer in my house gate that close door in behinds us when we open the door. This gate closer does not need any motor or electricity power to close the Gate. I think you need to install in your house gate this the perfect solution to your problem.


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