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Oct 16 08 4:42 PM

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Moving House

This house-moving process is painfully slow
I'm counting the days til I can 'up and go'
To leave here is painful, I just want it done
To be able to say my new chapter's begun.

The bookshelves are empty now, the cupboards are bare
I cant find the aspirins, I've searched everywhere
My head is now throbbing, - for 'moving'- think 'stress'
I'm surrounded by boxes, by clutter, by mess.

Solicitors letters, the searches complete
Do you know where the drains run under the street?
Removals van booked, mortgage offers received
fingers crossed, all's ok now, I'm very relieved.

I've emptied the loft now, I've sorted the shed
Its all packed in boxes, ive dismantled the bed
Ive taken the pictures all down from the walls
And they stand bubble wrapped out in the bare hall

Brown tape and packaging litters the floor
Ive had enough for today, I cant pack anymore
I yearn for the day that the sale is complete
And I see the removals van out in the street

With my house and my life here all loaded inside
We'll depart from here, and I'll be teary-eyed
For the end of an era, but there's a good future to come
I'll be happy again for there's no place like home!

© LHB 2008

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#3 [url]

Oct 17 08 9:00 AM

I thnk you have done very well I nearly lost my marbles selling & that wasnt buyng the other end either.It shocks me that some people move for fun?!?!Hope you are in the new place soon & we can visit,havent asked recetnyl as figured you were in chaos without us adding to it but we do miss you x

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#4 [url]

Oct 17 08 9:07 AM

Aw thanks GTM! its organised chaos here, as Sarah will vouch! She did at me though, as all my boxes of books are indexed etc, so i know what shelf they will go back onto, exactly!! Its not exactly toddler safe now, with towers of boxes everywhere, but hopefully wont be long til you can visit the new place!

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#6 [url]

Oct 17 08 3:44 PM

i cant help it!!

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#7 [url]

Oct 17 08 4:23 PM

ah, lovely poem leanne, fingers crossed the move will happen real soon now!
will have to come for a looksie when your all settled in too!!!


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#8 [url]

Aug 22 15 12:37 PM

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#10 [url]

Oct 26 15 7:14 AM

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Nov 17 15 1:15 PM

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