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Jun 26 08 2:12 PM

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Lidl have got a sewing machine coming soon

can I ask your opinions, do you think it would be any good for a complete beginner?
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Jun 26 08 3:55 PM

well the make is a 'Lervia' i dont know about the sewing machine, but I have a laminator made by lervia, bought at lidls, and its fine, really good. :-)

image ~Lea~ image

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Jun 26 08 4:05 PM

WW is more versed in sewing machines than me but you couldn't hardly buy a warranty for that price. There's 3 yrs on it so looks like a good deal to me, I've never been disappointed with any electrical purchase from Lidls.

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Jun 26 08 4:30 PM

I would say "yes". The hardest thing with a new beginner is that you don't know whether you are going to like sewing or not so throwing loads of money at an expensive sewing machine seems a bit daft. It looks like it has the relevant basics and from the looks of the dial, a few embroidery stitches. I think it would be a good investment. Even if you only get it out a couple of times a year to run up some curtains, it would've recouped itself in the cost in no time. By then you would be in a position to decide if you want to invest more.

What would you achieve if you didn't fear failure?

The frightening thing about middle age is you know that you will grow out of it - Doris Day

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Jun 26 08 4:40 PM

I hope they have them in Ireland soon as Id like one.Im using (not often) my Mums and would like to give it back to her, I have it 3 years now. No one else uses it really but its over 20 years old and would like hr to have it back before bits start falling off

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Jun 27 08 11:00 AM

Kathy wrote:
Tringle, couldn't one of us here get one and mail it to you?

I think the weight and the postage would put it wayyyyyyyy out of price range. But not to worry, they usually have the offers here aswell just at different times. I get their newsletters and know a week in advance what they have.

But thanks

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Jul 2 08 11:05 AM

Did you get it daisy, can you let me know how it it idiot proof

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Jul 6 08 7:54 PM

I'm so sorry....only just seen this

I have the lidols Lervia sewing machine.
It has all sorts of maintenance accessories, teeny screwdrivers and
whatnot, bobbins and spare needles, a piece of scrap material with
assorted practice stitches on and even some coloured threads! it
does loads of stitches has loads of different, interchangeable 'feet'
(gawd knows what they're all for )

I'm a bit of a novice with machines, preferring hand sewing,
but I've made a few dresses, curtains and school play costumes
on it over the last two years and it's still doing the job just perfectly

I should also add that my horrid sister in law's £700 machine does
less stitches, had shorter warranty and had none of the bits and
bobs included Ha!

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Jul 6 08 8:52 PM

Forgot to say, I did get one but haven't had time to play with it yet. I've never used a sewing machine before so going to wait until I've got some time to myself to study it.

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Sep 22 08 12:42 PM

Waaaaaayyy, I just got one this morning. €75, can anyone remember what the sterling price was. I got the specials email last week and got up tghis morning to get it. Just ot of the box and it will be the weekend before I get to use it.

Also came out with 3 canvases to paint on, one portfolio case, box of acrylis, box of painting brushes, pad of coloured paper and a box of threada and sewing accessories so happy with all that

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