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=12.0ptReal estate is a flourishing industry in India, the largest market in the world. There are many potential buyers for residential and commercial plots. The large market in the country encourages foreign investors to promote goods and services in the country. There are many foreign brands introduced to the market in the commercial spaces widely available in the country. There are many foreign investments occurring in the metropolitan cities of the country. There is an increasing demand for commercial spaces to promote foreign goods and services. real estate in india is becoming competent with international standards. Realtors strive to bring together the potential buyers and the properties in demand. There are many leasers of commercial properties especially in the metropolitan cities. There are many booming businesses in the commercial properties. The residential and commercial plots are in increasing demand in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. There are many housing projects in progress in these metropolitan cities. Realtors are providing latest designs and modern amenities in residential and commercial buildings to attract potential buyers and leasers. Realtors in the metropolitan cities have accommodated a large fraction of the population in flats, apartment sand villas. They have provided various options that suit the budget of the middle class and others. Realtors have taken the issues of accommodations and lack of space into their stride. They are committed in providing the best commercial and real estate options to the various sectors of the society.