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Feb 22 12 3:22 PM

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Hi all, well in my quest to "springify" my house I am going mad making changes, rearraranging and updating. So I made new curtains for living room. Very vibrant fabric, somne curtain tape, hooks and metal rings and all sorted. Now I want some more for my bedroon, nut other than a chnage in fabric I want them to look different, I dont know, maybe two types of fabric, one top and one bottom, or split sides, or whatever. Have you made any curtains, have you mader some that are more than just a sheet of fabric hanging. I dont want roman or any other blinds as I am getting blackout roller blinds hung and the curtains are for over these. Any suggestions, Im not a fan of curtains but feel and window lookes nak'd without them.
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Feb 22 12 3:29 PM

hi tringle
i make all my own curtains now, although they are all just a sheet a fabric, the only exception would be the bedroom ones as these are made from french linen sheets

ooh love the purty fabric

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Feb 22 12 3:48 PM

Another curtain maker here. Nowt fancy but I can manage most things

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Feb 22 12 4:00 PM

Another maker here Mine are lined when I make them, as no CH or DG here, so needed. I start with the outer fabric, then the lining, and combine sewing the lining and header tape with hemming the top fo the curtains. The sides of the linig are slip stitched at intervals, then hem of the lining only turned up, not stitched to the main fabric at all - this is the professional way fo doing it apparently, and the curtains hang much better. I've done tab tops in the past too, to ring the changes - nice and easy, and I find the curtains hang well too.
Try the library for some books, or online for pictures and inspiration, or have a look on e-bay too.
Hope that helps - love the fabric in the picture

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Feb 22 12 4:41 PM

Thanks, the fabric was ikea, nice and bright just waht I wanted for that room. I didnt line them at all and now think I might. Bedroom ones I wont bother lining as I will haver blackout blinds on window. I dont like fancy pleating and things on the top, just plain and let the fabric speak. Im thinking of a fancy fabric and a plain fabric for the bedroom...just waiting for inspirational fabric to land at my or free.

Was browsing on interent and found this blog

Havent actually figured out yet if she designs fabric or who sells it but wonderful stuff

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Feb 14 13 11:09 AM

There are so many sites are available to buy curtain. You could also visit this type of site to copy any curtain design. I think from there you could easily get a great idea to making your curtain more beautiful. Even you could also buy ready made curtain for your room.
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