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The Sunporch - welcome to Creative Living





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What's it all about, then?
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Hello and welcome to our forum; in here for aims and guidelines, how the forum works, etc.

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Nov 2 08 12:20 PM

Introduce yourself here......
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Tell us a bit about yourself, who you are, what you like, your hopes and dreams..........

305 5,325 0 Hello
Mar 29 13 5:34 PM

Website/forum news/questions
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Keep up to date with Creative Living news in here - new features, notification of any down-times, ask any questions, point out glaring errors.........

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Oct 18 12 7:31 AM


For all CLer's blogs

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The creative home





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Seize the Day

Well - get on with it!

203 1,829 0 Monday 8th October
Oct 8 12 10:13 AM

Keeping it seasonal

In here for seasonal chores and reminders to keep us on our toes

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What's cooking?

What goes on in your kitchen?

710 6,580 0 Re: Butterscotch ...
Oct 16 15 6:33 PM

Baking Day

The sweeter side of kitchen craft, in here for all baked deliciousness

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The Pantry

In here for pickles, jams, cheesemaking, preserving, meat processing etc - fill up those shelves!

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Does what it says on the label!

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Plot to plate

Grow it, cook it, eat it............

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Up the garden path
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How does your garden grow?

499 4,453 0 Re: Fab greenhouses
Oct 23 12 8:58 AM

The birds and the bees

What do you keep - chickens, cats, dogs, bees, sheep? Tell us about them in here

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Still waters..........
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In here for everything to do with water - in the garden, the house, nature, everywhere; tips on storing, collecting efficient usage, ponds, etc. No life without it...........

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Food for free

In here for foraging, hunting, fishing, plants and funghi - what's in your basket?

139 1,180 0 Useful site for u...
Sep 10 12 6:41 PM

Go wild in the kitchen

What do you do with your foraged goodies? Share your recipes in here

31 204 0 Blackberry Recipes
Aug 26 12 12:13 PM

Radical homemaking

In what ways could you consider yourself and/or your family to be radical on the homemaking/home life/housewife/home life front? What do you do that's different? How do people react when you tell them? What radical (to most people) ways would you like to incorporate into your home life?

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Creative Celebrations

In here now for all celebrations of whatever persuasion. Any excuse for a feast and a knees-up!

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Christmas 2012

In here for all Christmas shennanigans - usual suspects in charge lol Enjoy

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The Home Front

A lot of us here are very interested in WW2 history - how they lived at home during those uncertain times; what they ate;what they wore;how they kept themselves amused; how did they cope? There was a lot of very sage advice back then, and we would do well to follow a lot of it these days - so, why don't we have a go? Ofcourse we are not under the enormous pressures and dangers they were in, but I'm sure we can all benefit from trying out the frugal lessons and make do and mend. Feel free to dip in and out as you choose - you don't have to do it all.

103 807 0 Lacock at War 2013
Feb 19 13 1:13 PM

Shop window
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  • ren

In here to advertise your own small business, website, services, etc

65 532 0 Real estate affai...
Nov 26 13 7:30 AM

The Workshop

Practical ideas, making do and mending, building and making

97 863 0 Re: Auto gate clo...
Mar 14 13 9:18 AM

How to............

In here will go the How to....... articles, formerly Masterclasses. The idea is for someone with knowledge and experience to lead interested others in trying out new things - cooking, crafts, etc. Plenty of room for comments, pictures from everyone. Please keep all the related threads under one heading, though, to make it easier to find in the future.

83 764 0 Re: How to make a...
Sep 9 13 5:03 PM

Many a mickle...........

........maks a muckle; look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves.......whatever your favourite expression for it, we all like to be frugal for a variety of reasons. This is where aliwood holds court, so over to her........

126 1,599 0 Free trees leices...
Oct 17 12 1:14 PM

Forum swaps
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In here for all details of current Forum swaps; progress, problems, hitches and glitches;suggestions and feedback and pictures.

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Create alongs

For all -alongs; any craft or project for others to join in or just follow a groups progress and be inspired! Feel free to start your own 'along' at any time.

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The creative mind





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Any questions?

Need to find the answer to something? Just curious? Got a crossword to finish? Ask in here - someone will know............

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Creative living bookshelf
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What's on your bookshelf? What are you reading?

361 4,116 0 Re: Shadows Of St...
Sep 12 12 5:08 PM

Kindles and e-books

Keeping up with appropriate technology!

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Knitter's retreat

In here for all things knitting, get your needles clicking

718 7,879 0 Re: Framed knitting
Oct 28 12 6:50 PM

A stitch in time....

In here for all sewing and needlecrafts

336 3,065 0 Re: Making curtains
Feb 14 13 11:09 AM


Be special request, a forum for all things crochet

104 990 0

Wheel and loom, fleece and spindle

In here for spinning, felting, weaving, dyeing etc - general wool gatherings!

148 1,094 0

The quilting frame

Quilting and patchwork of all kinds in here

221 3,451 0

Cardmaking and papercrafts

All things paper in here - cards, handmade paper, etc

44 476 0

The family tree

Who's researching theirs? How are you getting on? Useful links, requests for info, etc in here

44 367 0

Poetry please!

Poetry deserves its very own Forum here at The Creative Mind, so post your favourites here - ones that strike a chord, mean something special to you, make you laugh, make you cry, your own poetry, whatever.

78 323 0 Re: Moving House
Nov 17 15 1:15 PM

Writing Circle

In here for all budding authors - fact, fiction, poetry, prose, all sorts. Please read the sticky and feel free to join in .

72 598 0


Where in the world would you like to go? Been on an interesting journey? All travel -related topics in here to satisfy the armchair traveller in you!

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The zen zone





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Hints and tips on rest and relaxation, peace and quiet............

14 92 0 Safety and Health...
Feb 6 14 11:17 AM

What's the alternative?
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  • Lea

For alternative health, exercise, therapies, etc

42 346 0 OHSAS Guidelines ...
Apr 22 14 7:57 AM

A simpler life

Downshifting and simplicity in action

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Seeing green





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Creative Living - a Transition Forum

Addressing the challenges presented by Peak Oil and Climate Change

17 235 0

Refuse, reduce, re-use, recycle
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  • Lea

Come and recycle in here!

69 602 0

Hand cranked

In here for all talk, advice, pictures etc of non-electic or other non-powered equipment, tools, etc. In these uncertain times, our power supplies as we know them may not always be around. What are the alternatives?

35 302 0

Environmental news

Got some green news to share?

123 631 0

Green campaigns

Let us know of any campaigns going on

43 270 0

Positive steps

What are you doing this week to help the planet?

58 767 0

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  • Lea

Got something to swap or give away? Pop it in here - someone will help you declutter yourself.............

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Wild about Britain
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  • Lea

In here for what's out and about around you - flora, fauna, news on the countryside, in the town, etc.

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Wish list

Pop in here to tell us what you're looking for - someone will come across it some day !

26 186 0

Campaign corner





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Current campaigns

What campagins are important to you? Garner support in here!

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Creative Living Seed Bank

Beat the big boys at their own game! Here is the Creative Living seed bank; if you have any spare seed, home saved, or spare from old/heritage/rare/heirloom/unusual varieties, get in contact with MrsL who will take care of them in the CL seedbank, for sharing out to those who would like them, to grow on and save seed of their own for future distribution.

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Charity begins at Creative Living





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Charity shop
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  • Lea

We all love charity shops........!! In here for anything to do with them- bargains found, something you would like to raffle for your favourite charity, bouquets or brickbats for those you frequent.........

25 362 0

My pet charity

Which ones do you support - tell us more about them in here and give them some free publicity - contact details and links welcome.

31 289 0

Knitting for charity

Who needs what knitted? From penguin and sea bird jumpers to hats for seamen - tell us what's needed.

24 131 0

The Snug





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In the news
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Give us your views on current affairs

275 2,081 0

Down memory lane...........

In here for all reminisces and nostalgic wallowings!

20 223 0

What's on?

Events, radio, television, links etc to help us in our quest for a creative life

332 3,176 0

Creative Living Dictionary

In here for all the special words that CL forumers have coined............

75 396 0

Film Club

Seen a great film recently? Seen a terrible one? What's your favourite type of film? In here for musings on the silver screen....

37 243 0

Change a letter game

An old favourite has its own spot now

9 1,119 0

Word association

Another old favourite..........

9 1,541 0

Bits & bobs

All the rest that doesn't seem to fit in anywhere else! Tell us a joke, post a funny picture, make us smile............

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